The Family Model

Family focused practice for you

The Family Model provides clinicians and managers with a brief, accessible and practical approach to family focused practice with parents, their children and relatives, when one or more family members experiences mental health challenges.

This website provides essential information about The Family Model, who should use it and how it can enhance family focused practice. There is access to a free online eLearning skills-focused course as well as options for consultation, training and supervision from an expert advisory group. The Family Model Handbook and additional resources are also available.

We want to increase the network of clinicians, managers and researchers using The Family Model to improve collaborative practice with parents, partners, children and relatives. Please share your stories, expertise and questions and let us know how we can assist your efforts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve family focused practice. We want to enable clinicians, managers, parents and children/young people to work better together by using The Family Model to enhance communication about health and mental health in families. We want to achieve this by providing education, training, support and consultation that is accessible, relevant, evidence-informed and based on our core values.

Our Values

Our core values include openness, honesty, safety, advocacy and connection to support an approach that is enabling, empowering and collaborative. We try to combine and integrate people’s lived experience expertise with professional expertise to support and enhance effective partnership working and to tackle inequality and stigma in mental health.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is an essential skill to create safe, integrated and responsive services. The Family Model provides a conceptual road map and a practical approach to support collaborative practice.